Joe Pane

Master Coach

Living your dreams is truly NOT for the faint of heart.

about me

Since 2006 it’s has been an amazing ride, meeting so many people from so many walks of life, through my workshops, and presentations.

Emotional fitness sits at the core of who I am, as a husband and father of two boys. This journey actually originates way back in 1994 when I completed my university degree majoring in psychology and sociology. My fascination with the human condition and how a good life is lived began then.

I’ve also had the honour of training in excess of 6000 behavioural coaches working in the field today.

Compiling experience and knowledge in the field of human behaviour, I now share my learnings in my weekly “Insights” podcast, deliver live online and live in the room group workshops, and just recently via my brand new online “Emotional Fitness Formula” training, helping people implement these strategies into their professional and personal lives.


Coaching Sessions

As a coach you can work with me, just check out my services or courses on the button below.

clients love

Kelley, TG Newton Real Estate.
“This seminar was well structured. Delivered well and practically for the whole person and career and gave us plenty to work on for the future, the office and our results.”
Emily, Curriculum Leader
“Our two day retreat with Joe Pane helped to clarify the vision for our school. To build common knowledge and understandings for our team to move forward to achieve our goals.”
Pip, HR Manager NBN
I have had the privilege of working with Joe, when he facilitated two of our leadership forums. Joe has such passion and energy which he used to work the room keeping 100 people actively engaged.

time to shine

This is truly the time to shine. It’s been a long time coming for us all and for those who are willing to do the work and discover their blocks, move through them with grace using our tools, you can only succeed. If you would like more insights about TCA and the Program, book a 15 min chat with me below!