How much will my membership cost?

Your TCA Network Membership is US$97 per year and it is a reoccurring subscription to keep your access.

What does my membership cover?

You can CREATE YOUR OWN LISTING and become one of our growing directory list of coaches and experts. And because you become an exclusive TCA Network Member, you can build connections with all of the other members which is a great opportunity if you wish to collaborate. Get to share your latest business updates or event announcements when you go to our special news feed. Our regularly-updated list of resources is another valuable treat that any business-owners, entrepreneurs or even coaches like you would enjoy.

How do I sign up?

  1. Go to
    2. Click on the SIGNUP button on the upper right corner
    3. Fill in the information required then hit SUBMIT AND CHECK OUT
    4. Upon check out, you will be redirected to the Members Hub”

What is included in my TCA Network Membership subscription?

Your yearly subscription gives FULL ACCESS to our members and their profiles. This means you get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Members Only valuable resources, which include recommended businesses, software, templates, worksheets, mindset and motivation tools.
Are the Courses included in the Membership? You will receive 50% off the TCA Network courses and once you’ve successfully enrolled in the course of your choice, you will find your courses under the MY COURSES link on your profile. We do have members courses which are paid separately from your TCA Network membership to choose from. You can also apply to have YOUR course put on TCA Network – enquire here.

How can I access the courses?

  1. Login to your TCA Network Membership account.
    2. Click MY COURSES to find all of your enrolled courses.

How long do I have access to my courses?

You have lifetime access to all of your courses, for members and non-members.

Where do I find the list of your courses?

Just go to to find our course offers.

Can I join even if I am outside of Australia?

Yes. All you need to do is make sure is that your account is up-to-date to keep it active and you have access to an internet connection. That’s one of the perks of your TCA Network membership — access your account and your courses no matter where you are.

Can I access the courses using a different computer?

Yes of course! Once you have your log in and your account is active, you can continue accessing your courses.

Can I contact other members?

Definitely! We have created TCA Network as a continuously growing community of coaches because we believe that EVERY COACH NEEDS A COACH too!

Would I be allowed to upload my own course as a member?

Yes! We have built the TCA NETWORK as a collaborative group of coaches. We want all our coaches to upload and share their courses so our group has access to all the knowledge they need to grow. Just email to get further instructions on how you can start sharing your courses within the TCA NETWORK platform.

Do you share your member’s details with other companies?

YOUR PRIVACY is of utmost importance to us that’s why it is our policy to never share your information with other companies.

As a member can I share a blog or article?

Yes! We would love to hear from you, you just need to go to YOUR HUB and click on SUBMIT A POST and it will be put under review and published with the next 48 hours.

What other services does TCA NETWORK provide?

Aside from offering our coaching network and resources, we also offer high quality professional Branding and Marketing to help your business get to the next level. From conceptualising your brand vision and creating a website with inspirational and impactful Design, to SEO and Social Media Management, your business growth is truly on track for SUCCESS! TCA NETWORK also offers different Production services such as Video and Podcast production, Still Photography and TV Segments.